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Marketing Strategy & Automation

Marke8Now can play a key role in developing Customer Value Journey which helps Marketer’s/Sales team to convert prospect into potential customer.

Our Unique 8 steps journey drives you closer to winning a new customer.

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8 STEPS for your SUCCESS

Usually companies create awareness of their Products & Services through Various Avenues like magazines, or blogs/articles, or videos, or any email newsletters or events.

However, At Marke8Now we create awareness of your services and products in all digital channels and/or print media through our strategic services:

  1. Awareness
    • Digital Marketing
    • Search Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Marketing
  2. Engagement
  3. Engage your customers with more relevant content on different platforms available,

    • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, twitter, Pintrest etc.,)
    • Blogs/Articles
    • Quiz's/Feedback
    • Youtube/Vimeo
    • Newsletters/Magazines
  4. Subscribe
  5. Convert
  6. Excite
  7. Ascend
  8. Advocate
  9. Promote
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Our strategies and methodologies will help you increase in your Business Growth, more Website Traffic, Brand Awareness and Generate Leads and Customers.

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